Look to Orion to Build Your Team of Leaders!

From Executives to Project Managers, Estimators to Engineers, the Construction Industry is built on strong leadership. Your success depends on experienced leaders and a skilled team with the ability and drive to get the job done right.

At Orion, we know construction is a feat of multitasking requiring strong employees with project management skills, and the ability to anticipate challenges all while completing the project on-time and at budget.

When your company has a key leadership opening, look to Orion Search. Our experienced recruiting team has extensive experience in the construction industry and is able to locate the right candidates for the wide variety of construction segments and firms. Whether you’ve arrived at our site seeking a headhunter or staffing firm, look to Orion Search as the resource that gets the position filled!

Industry Expertise:

Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Highway/Heavy Construction, as well as Engineering, Architecture, and Real Estate Development.

Position Levels within the Construction Industry:

“C’-level, VP, Director, Chief, Manager, Group Lead, Principal, Architect


Construction, Estimating, Engineering, Architecture, Operations, Procurement, Commissioning, HR, Accounting/Finance, Business Development / Sales, Technology